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My name is Harriet. I am on a mission to help reduce our carbon footprint on the world, share the stories of social enterprises, help reduce fast-fashion and focus on sustainable fashion

I started Bali Hues because, while studying International Business at University of California San Diego (UCSD) I was exposed to many businesses impacting various communities. As I researched many companies and learned about how big business operates on an international  level, I discovered there was a need to share organic materials with the world and encourage the use of sustainable fashion and eco friendly clothing.

Through my studies I realized, as a fast paced society, we have the luxury and take for granted the ability to purchase fast-fashion and other goods that are detrimental to the environment. While there is enormous convenience in buying fast-fashion and other easily disposable good, we have created a disconnect in our communities and it is time to turn our focus towards sustainable fashion.

I believe we need to take the time to stop and ask the difficult questions, that can often be difficult to answer: Where did this come from? Who made this? Why is it so inexpensive? Why are there so many variations? Whose lives were impacted in the making of this? Did the people who made this benefit, or were their lives negatively impacted?

I was inspired and wanted to create a brand that recognized the impact of fast-fashion on both our environment and the people who made the products. I want consumers to be excited about what they are buying, where it is coming from, and the difference their purchase can make.

Since launching in 2016 Bali Hues has experienced an incredible organic growth rate. Every day we connect with more people who care. I am grateful that we are able to connect so many people who care. Sustainable Fashion and eco friendly products are moving in a positive direction. Through the growth of this community I’ve been able to collaborate with some amazing companies and inspiring business owners.

I am SO grateful for the support I have received so far. I am excited to see where this journey leads. Be sure to follow Bali Hues on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and sign up for the weekly newsletter.

I pour my whole heart into my business.